Volumetric Image Transfer and Screen Printed Transfers
with Forrest Lesch-Middelton


Join local artist Forrest Middelton for a weekend of surface design using image transfer and silkscreen. Forrest will share how he develops silkscreens, make embossments for molds and stamps, and explore his firing process to bring a sense of history to his work. By the end of the weekend you will walk away with a completely new approach to applying surface design to your work.


Saturday August 8th


Students will have time to make wheel thrown forms on this day

 Introductions and overview

 Materials overview and deflocculation

     Transfer Slip and Deflocculation

     Transfer Ink

     Screen printing demonstration

 Demonstration on Volumetric Image Transfer on thrown forms

 Lunch and Presentation

 Screen printing

Making tile and slabs with image transfer



Sunday August 9th 12-7pm 


 Q&A from Previous day

Finishing pots from previous day


Making pots and tile with transfer process

About Forrest 

Forrest Lesch-Middelton is a potter, tile maker, and educator living and working in Petaluma, CA. Forrest discovered his love of pottery at the age of 14 and since that time has seen clay as a vehicle to travel the country as a student, resident, educator, advocate, and artist developing a body of work that brings functional pottery and tile to life with rich political and cultural content. Forrest makes ceramics that “look like the products of an ancient civilization whose people proudly insisted on being buried with their dishware.” (NY Times, 1/31/2013). He has mastered the use of image transfer, and invented a technique he dubbed "volumetric image transfer" where he transfers screen printed pattern and imagery onto the surfaces of his pots while they are still wet and being thrown on the wheel, requiring him to shape the vessels from the inside only, so as to not disturb the pattern. His body of work has brought great acclaim, not the least of which was when he was awarded the distinguished honor of Ceramic Artist of the Year (2014) by Ceramics Monthly Magazine.


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