Clayroom Holiday Sale (outdoors)

Potrero Studio (1431 17th st.

Saturday December 5th, 11am-4pm


Showcasing 7 local artists most recent work in this 1 day outdoor event on Saturday 12/5 from 11am-4pm. Each artist will be selling their work and some may even have their 2nds. Great opportunity to pick-up beautiful crafted work and support local artists in the process.


Please join us at 1431 17th street (on the corner of Arkansas and 17th) for this outdoor holiday sale  

The Artists

  • Attention to details can't be overstated when looking at Chris's work. Chris Brooks makes handmade, wheel thrown ceramics with a focus on pieces that showcase the raw color and texture of the clay with minimalistic colors and patterns. 

    Instagram: @chrisbceramics


    Jee Wipperfurth is the Bay Area ceramicist behind Seoul Sister Studio, a producer of small batch, handcrafted items that are inspired by the textures of Nature. Her work strives for balance: orderly and organic, refined and raw, protected and exposed, functional and artistic.

    Instagram: @seoulsisterstudio

  • Eat With Your Eyes Pottery  ​

    Yukiko's tableware designs are based on her imagination of how you will use the pottery to complement the culinary art experience you create at home. She recently set up “Eat With Your Eyes Pottery” to devote her passion for a holistic culinary concept that lifts up your senses.

    Growing up in Japan, Yukiko has always been fascinated by the sense of genuine, natural, imperfect beauty that is situated in quietness/serenity. Working with clay gives her that space of peace and a state of “mu” 無 (quiet emptiness), and she hope you will sense that through her pottery. 

    Instagram:  @pottery.japonesa

  • Rowan Hunt is 16 year young artist behind ‘Studio Anzu’, who enjoys making with his hands, including ceramics and wire sculpture. He's been making pottery for just over two years, and being part Japanese takes his inspiration from Japanese art. 


    Instagram: @Studio.Anzu 

  • Nancy Freeborn has been working on-and-off with clay for a number of years but only recently has it become her creative focus. Inspired by the colors, textures, and architecture in nature, she translates her ideas into sketches, imagining the forms long before touching the clay.


    The handmade process is always an adventure, often humbling, and immensely satisfying. From start to finish each piece has been created with purpose, to be functional, held in hand, and used in everyday life.

    I make pots, from my hands to yours.

    Instagram: @freeborn.claywork

  •  Clay Momi

    Momi (mō’mi), the Hawaiian word for pearl, represents precious treasures, unique and imperfect creations of beauty. The shop name was inspired by the artist’s given middle name, Momiakamoanamalu, ‘pearl of the gentle sea.’

    The artist, Erin M. M. Sweeney, was born and raised on O’ahu, Hawai'i. Currently residing in San Francisco, with her husband and two sons, she returns home to Hawai’i as often as possible. Sweeney is a hula dancer and long time student with the hula halau Na Lei Hulu I Ka Wekiu.

    Instagram: @claymomi

  • Leslie Hollingsworth is a lifelong Potter who really got inspired when she moved to SF from NJ and found a terrific community!

    She takes her inspiration from nature, abstract forms, and basically just seeing what the clay in her hands WANTS to be!

    Her prior work as a Massage Therapist, Small Business owner, and as a chef has shaped her continuing obsession with creating shapes and forms through clay.

    Instagram: @ravenwingpottery


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