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Hand-Building with Slabs with Juliann Roush

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Workshop Details

In this workshop, participants will learn how to make slab mugs, handles, butter dishes. Much of Juliann’s work incorporates using high temperature wire as decorative design. Juliann will talk about high temperature wire and its possible uses as well as where to procure wire at reasonable prices. Juliann will demonstrate making both bisque stamps, wire stamps and incorporate using found objects to make unique texture, design and patterns on slabs of clay Students will learn clay pattern - stretching techniques and how to keep hand built pottery round using everyday objects to minimize warpage. Students will also have the opportunity to try glazing with Amaco Satin Matte glazes using squeeze bottles. Juliann will also discuss how versatile these mixable glazes are in making one’s own unique color palette. One small textured bisque tile will be included for each student*.

Artist Talk

 Friday, August 4th, 7 PM-9PM at SoMa Studio




Saturday, August 5th, 10AM-5PM


Demo of how I make my wire stamps.

Demo making a bisque roller stamp

Have students make a bisque roller stamp

Demo making slab mugs using wire stamps and bisque roller stamps

Demo handle making using found objects for texture

Have students make a mug using the same techniques

Lunch break


Demo glazing

Have attendees glaze the tile that I’ve pre-made using squeeze bottles

Finish mugs


Sunday, August 6th, 10AM-5PM


Demo making a butter dish

Talk about using high temperature wire for decoration

Have students start their butter dishes


Lunch break


Finish butter dishes

Finish glazing tiles

About Juliann Roush

Hi There! I am a full time studio potter who has called Portland OR, Boston MA, San Francisco CA, Tokyo Japan, and quite a few towns in Michigan home. I currently reside in the tiny village of Indian River on the banks of the Sturgeon River in Northern Michigan.


I love making colorful, whimsical pottery. My work is carved, stamped and very tactile.  I love to added little raised buttons, leaves and flowers to give it a 3D effect. Most recently I’ve been adding dangly baubles and spinning beads, I have a hard time knowing when enough is enough because my motto is "More is More!"  I love the juxtaposition of bright shiny colors, playing along with soft buttery satin matte glazes while show casing the beauty of the raw clay body.  Slight imperfections and seeing the touch of the maker, is the beauty of handmade pottery.  

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