Membership Program

Dive a bit deeper into your craft and join the studio as as a member. You'll have unlimited access  to 2 studios (65+ wheels), a shelf-space in 1, weekly specialized classes for members only known as the "power hour" classes, access to 20 clay bodies, quarterly flameware firings (cone 8), 50 glazes, a spray booth for spraying glazes and more.


What we're looking for:

  •  Individuals who have a passion for the discipline and will use the space (at least 2/3x a week)  

  • You believe in the community aspect of a working studio. You'll want to be active and involved in some studio endeavors (i.e. mentorship) and enjoy conversing with fellow students and members in the studio and in "power hour" classes

  • A level of proficiency in either wheel-throwing, hand-building, slip-casting or woodworking and that you can work autonomously

  • For the SoMa studio, a big plus if you're interested in exploring woodworking or have a woodworking background

  • Added bonus, you've got a 🐶 and you're willing to bring the pooch to the studio   

Membership Includes

  • Individual- $615/quarterly or $1055/semi-annually* | Family- $725/quarterly or $1,255/semi-annually (limited to two partners)

  • Dedicated shelf space and members only space

  • Access to both studios (60+ glazes), 80+ wheels, 4 slab rollers, 3 extruders, 2 spray booths, + of course the woodshop

  • Woodshop access (if certified) includes: planer, joiner, 2 bandsaws, SawStop table saw, router table, hand-tools, open ended drum sander, oscillating belt sander, belt sander, hand tools, various jigs,10 lathes and more...

  • Exclusive "Power Hour" classes 4x per month for members to receive formal lessons without the financial and time commitment of a 6-week class. Previous classes include: slipcasting and mold making, stacking, nerokmi and mason stains, throwing tall, nesting bowls, sgraffito Illustration, spoon carving, chop sticking making, wooden tea lights, wooden lids, wooden handles on pottery, picture frames, making pottery tools in the woodshop and more  

  • Free events and heavily discounted specialized workshops

  • Access to studio during all hours of operation

  • Use of studio equipment and glazes

*Prices and availability are subject to change

Membership Request/Inquiry Form


Thank you for submitting a request! If you had questions our team will reach out directly via email