Sarah Duyer 
Lets Make A Pipe Fundraiser For The Last Prisoner Project

Join us on Zoom for this one time pipe making class with local ceramic artist Sarah Duyer 

50% of the proceeds from this workshop will be donated to The Last Prisoner Project, an organization dedicated to repairing the harms of the criminalization of cannabis through intervention, advocacy, and awareness. 

Ceramicists of all levels are invited to join San Francisco-based ceramicist Sarah Duyer - for a night of handbuilding clay play. Discover how Sarah creates her pipes that look like everyday objects designed to make you laugh, cry, and everything in-between . Watch, from start to finish, how Sarah constructs different shapes and then cuts through the cross section to make a smoking device. Create your own pattern or object and dream up the pipe of your dreams!


As Sarah demonstrates her approach to working with clay, she will share the little tricks she’s learned along the way. By the end of the workshop, you will have produced your own smoking device and will learn how to mix under glazes to create your own work of art. Come enjoy the creative process in a relaxed setting where experimentation and fun are the highest priority! 

Those who are interested in taking this course who are not local are able to join the course via donation. Please contact for donation based attendance. 


Slide show 
Demonstration on how to construct your smoking device 
Underglaze demo