In hopes to keep the children's creativity flowing, we have created clay kits with project ideas available for kids to take home! We hope that these clay kits will help them stay artfully engaged! 


The $65 clay kits include:
- 8 lbs of clay (more than enough to complete the projects and other things they might want to make), 
- A tool kit with all the tools they will need including paintbrushes
- Underglazes 
- Optional step-by-step instructions and a video guide on how to make an Owl Vessel to get them used to handling clay. If they haven't made ceramics before, it is a great way to start! Please email for project instructions and guides. =)
- Glazing and Firing. Each piece will be finished off with a clear gloss glaze. Please allow 2-3 weeks for pieces to be finished after the projects have been dropped off. 


Of course, the kiddos do not have to make the suggested projects. They could make whatever they please! Just as long as they follow some guidelines to make sure their pieces will stay intact during the firing. =) 

Kids Clay Kits



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