Renne Lopresti - The Layered Surface

In this two day workshop, we will focus on developing surface composition by layering underglazes and glaze directly onto leatherhard clay. Custom paper and reusable die-cut vinyl stencils will be used to create layered patterns, shapes, and detailed imagery. Students will be able to explore these techniques directly onto their own wheel-thrown or hand-built surfaces. The techniques and materials used during this workshop have the flexibility to be fired to any temperature/atmosphere.


Day 1 

Saturday, November 7th 2-7pm

We will begin by working through all of the decorating techniques on a leather hard slab ( to be rolled/prepared by myself on Friday evening). At the end of the first day, the decorated slabs will be pressed onto MDF drape molds (GR pottery forms provided by me), to transform the slabs into trays/plates.


Each participant can expect to complete 2-3 trays/plates on day one.


Day 2

Sunday, November 8th 2-7pm

Workshop participants will use the techniques learned on day one on the leather hard wheel thrown or handbill pieces they brought with them. Participants are encouraged to use the techniques in ways that speak to their individual voice as an artist. 


Each participant can expect to complete 2-3 small pieces on day two.


By the end of the two day workshop, each participant can expect to bring 4-6 decorated pieces home with them.