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The Clayroom Helps People Learn About Pottery In A Fun Environment

Clayroom is a pottery studio designed to create a warm and welcoming space for people to have fun and explore their creativity. Research shows that there are several benefits to working with clay. Working with clay can improve your concentration, promote mindfulness, and allow you to express your creativity in unique ways. Clayroom relies on several core values while teaching the art of ceramics. Clayroom believes that students learn better when they receive simple and relaxed instructions. They also enjoy being able to experiment on new things. Clayroom encourages their students to visit SoMa. SoMa is a place where students can express their creativity. Students are encouraged to try woodworking. The studio gives students access to multiple mediums.

Potential Membership

If you are interested in really exploring your craft, consider becoming a full time member of the studio. As a full time member, you will have access to multiple studios, shelf space, multiple clay bodies, and a spray booth. You can also attend special classes every week and attend flame ware firings every quarter. If you would like to pursue your craft at the next level, Clayroom will assist you. Clayroom wants to help people who have a passion for the craft and will work hard every week. It’s important that you believe in being an active member of the community. You are encouraged to take an active role around the studio. That includes mentoring some students and other members. You should be able to work autonomously. Any experience in slip-casting or wheel throwing is great. You can also stand out if you have experience in woodworking, or you have a pet to bring in the studio.

Special Events

The Clayroom can host special events. Generally, maximum capacity can hold more than 40 people. Clayroom supports events that are casual and creative. Guests can compete in different pottery and woodworking classes to learn different hand building strategies.

Children’s Classes

Clayroom is proud to reintroduce in person children’s classes. Each class will focus on a unique theme. The goal is to stimulate the kid’s mind by discussing creative topics. Some of the more interesting topics will focus on unique aspects of hand building such as slab work and pinching.

Intro To Clay

If you are a beginner, the six-week intro to clay course will get you on the right track. You can learn about trimming, throwing on the wheel, surface design technique, glazing, and other unique parts of hand building. Once you start to get comfortable, you will learn more advanced pottery techniques. You will start to work with other vessels. You also go through different exercises designed to strengthen your technique. Eventually, you will learn how to create a dinnerware set and serving platter.

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