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Open Positions

San Mateo Only- Studio Assistant/ Instructor

Help support the day-to-day of the studio including studio tech related items, teach events, 1-time classes and eventually 6-week classes and administrative work related to the studio and community.

Other Roles

While we don't have any active openings in our SF studios we are always looking for passionate instructors and openings do come open from time-to-time. If interested in working or teaching in our SF studios- please feel free to email us your resume @

Clayroom SoMa- Studio Assistant Manager

This is a role for either a full-time or part-time (4-days minimum) individual to help teach, drive tech related work and support administrative tasks. This candidate will be responsible for owning 1 aspect of the studio (i.e. memberships, long format classes).  An ideal candidate should have experience in teaching and tech work. Community building work is also a plus. Sorry this is not an entry level role.  

*Prices and availability are subject to change

Other Roles

​We're always looking for talented individuals in both woodworking and ceramics. If interested in potentially working at one of our studios please email with your resume.

Core traits: 1. Passionate about helping others. 2 You want to have an impact on a community and an organization. 3. You're eager to learn and be challenged 4. You want to work hard

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