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Open Positions

Full-time Instructor/Assistant Studio Manager

We're looking for someone to join our Potrero Studio as a full-time instructor. The individual's scope will focus on 4 areas: 1. Teaching short/long format classes 2. Studio tech (i.e. kilns, glazes, reclaim) 3. Administrative (i.e. emails, phone class, questions) 4. Special projects that are of interest to the individual and the studio.  The individual must be intrinsically motivated to helping people and having a positive impact on a community. Prior experience in ceramics is a must.

Full-time Studio Tech

​We're looking for a self-motivated individual who wants to learn and grow in the world of ceramics. This individual will initially focus predominantly on the studio tech side of the studio and administrative (programming), but will be trained in all other aspects of the studio with an emphasis on teaching.  The individual must be passionate about ceramics.  

*Prices and availability are subject to change

Other Roles

​We're always looking for talented individuals in both woodworking and ceramics. If interested in potentially working at one of our studios please email with your resume.

Core traits: 1. Passionate about helping others. 2 You want to have an impact on a community and an organization. 3. You're eager to learn and be challenged 4. You want to work hard

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