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Clayroom Empty Bowls Fundraiser



Though our physical Empty Bowls event is over we've listed all the remainder bowls online for you to purchase!

Clayroom is working towards its second annual Empty Bowls Fundraiser! Empty Bowls is a grassroots movement by artists and crafts people in cities and towns around the world to raise money for food related charities to care for and feed the hungry in their communities. 100% of the proceeds from our event will be donated to/benefit the SF Marin Food Bank



Last year, our community created over 300 bowls and raised $13,100 to help end hunger in the SF and Marin communities. This year we aim to surpass that goal and we hope everyone is up to the challenge! 

Our Event

This year we plan on hosting a traditional, in-person Empty Bowls event on Friday, July 29th. At our event, we will have a selection of bowls for sale, donated by local artists. We will also host a silent auction for attendees to bid on higher valued bowls. Along with the purchase of a bowl, buyers will receive a scoop of delicious homemade soup. We will have a speaker from the SF Marin Food Bank come to talk about their organization and the impact the donation will have. This event will be open to the public .

After our in-person event, we will place the remaining bowls for sale on our website to be sold for local pickup by those who couldn't make it to the event. More event details to come!



Want to donate to this event but you don't belong to Clayroom? No problem! We are welcoming bowl donations from potters, woodworkers, and artists all across the bay. Please pledge the bowls you would like to donate on the Bowl Tracker Linked here.This will allow us to see how many bowls are pledged and track our progress.


Learn More

If you would like to learn more about the details of this event and how you can participate, check out our FAQ here! Feel free to reach out to to speak to one of our team members. Follow our journey on our Instagram @clayroomsf :)

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