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Pottery Classes

Clayroom Offers Pottery Classes for All Skill Levels

Clayroom is an artistic haven, offering hands-on classes in the realm of pottery and woodworking.

From two community studios in San Francisco (Potrera and SoMa), Clayroom offers these pottery classes.

  • Introduction to Clay – an intense six-week class and excellent starting place for those without pottery experience.

  • Intermediate Clay –helps you learn to find your pottery style/voice. Preferably, students should have taken two prior pottery classes.

  • Next Step wheel –broadens and refines pottery techniques, including the creation of symmetrical pottery.

  • Push It – Intermediate – a six-week class that helps students push their wheel-throwing techniques to the next level.

  • Hand-Building – learn to create functional hand-crafted objects with an emphasis on color and texture.

  • Home Décor & Design – a six-week course that teaches how to make visually appealing pottery. Five weeks are spent on ceramics, with one week in woodworking.

  • Tableware – a class that teaches symmetry through the creation of tableware.

  • Journeys in Porcelain – learn to work with porcelain by creating lamp shade forms.

  • Flameware – an advanced pottery (and woodworking) class that teaches students how to make cookware that can be used on the stovetop.

  • Surface Design – learn advanced pottery and clay techniques, including various surface treatments.

  • Altered Forms – learn to create non-symmetrical objects to enhance your potter work and practice.

  • Introduction to Slip Casting – a six-week class that teaches students to make functional molds. Prior experience required.

  • Next Step Slip Casting – more advanced mold techniques to make large hollow objects.


Ready to book your class online at Clayroom's pottery studio? For general information about our classes and private event services, contact Clayroom at 415-851-4846. To meet our instructors, follow this link i

If you prefer, send an email to Clayroom SoMa or an email to Clayroom Potrero. Clayroom’s class policies can be found online.

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