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Team Events

Let Clayroom host your next party or group function

Private Events (6 person minimum)

Our facilities can accommodate up to 50 people and events are designed to be creative, casual (BYOB) [post June 15] and a lot of fun. For pottery related activities participants will learn basic techniques on the potter’s wheel, and/or hand-building techniques.  For woodworking, we have an array of options from

Free Additional Options for pottery

Wheel-throwing Olympics: Add a competitive spark to your event with fun wheel-throwing events


Group throwing: No not Ghost, but working as a team making pieces. Perfect for enhancing team building and for making planters for the office

Post Event Process 

Pottery: You Select the Glaze color for each piece and our team will do the rest in terms of bisque firing, glazing, glaze firing and boxing up all finished work.

The post event process typically takes between 2-3 weeks. All finished work will be dishwasher, microwave and of course food safe.

Woodworking: Your pieces will be finished during the event and are free to go to their forever homes following the event.

Choose a clay or woodworking package below

In-person Clay Offerings

Price: $85/person

Duration: 2 hours

What you'll make: Get creative on the pottery wheel with co-workers/friends to make functional pieces such as bowls, mugs, tumblers, vases, etc...

Free additional Options: Wheel-throwing Olympics, group throwing

Package A:

Package B:

Price: $85/person

Duration: 2 hours

What you'll make: Use slabs to make mugs, coasters and planters. Technique is straight-forward and lends itself to loads of creative freedom with design, textures and layering to make stunning work.

Package C: Wheel-throwing & Hand-building

Price: $110/person

Duration: 3 hours

What you'll make: Spend 1.5 hours in wheel-throwing and hand-building respectively getting dirty while making both functional and artistic work.

Free additional Options: Wheel-throwing Olympics, group throwing, candle making (holidays only)

In-person Woodworking Offerings

Package A: Cutting Boards

Price: $110/person

Duration: 3 hours

What you'll makeLearn the fundamentals of working with power tools and basic woodworking. Students will learn how to make their own cutting boards and go over milling , shaping, and applying a food-safe finish. 

(For safety reasons alcohol won't be permitted during this event)

Package B: Woodturning

Price: $85/person

Duration: 2 hours

What you'll make: There's no better way to witness the transformation of wood than on a lathe. Make a French rolling press or small bowls in this 2-hour class 

(For safety reasons alcohol won't be permitted during this event)

Package C: Chopsticks

Price: $85/person

Duration: 2 hours

What you'll make: Let’s bring it back to the basics of traditional Japanese woodworking by using hand-planes to make those perfect chopsticks. Students will work on the look/feel/shape of the chopsticks and finish by applying a food-safe finish.

Questions or Need Assistance?

Thanks for your interest! We will be in touch with you shortly.

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