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Student Resourses

Wonderful that you've signed up for a 6-week class. We are a studio that focuses on building on the foundation of fostering creativity in our community by expanding resources for our students .We hope that this helps to inspire and discover making.

Common Questions

We're here to help! Check out our common questions page before shooting us an email

Need to make up a class?

It is mandatory for all students who are new to the studio to attend the first week of classes. No “make-up” classes are given but you're more than welcome to drop-in on another session if there is an opening or absence. Please fill out the google sheet below for a drop-in spot as our classes are quite full and we cannot guarantee a spot.

Potrero Makeup

Greenware Work Storage Policy

SoMa: You are assigned a class shelf and that is yours for the class. Do not put work or clay anywhere else. Studio space is limited

Potrero: As a class, you'll share a column of five rows of shelves. Please be mindful of other students work when adding or removing your work from the shelves. Also please label your work so there is no confusion.

After class is over:

Class shelves (in the main room) need to be cleared off on the last day of class. Anything left on personal shelves (not kiln class shelves) will be thrown away the day after class.

  • Everyone must pick up their old clay, or donate it to the studio. We will be doing a deep clean of the studio and preparing for the next session.

  • We will box up and hold your glazed work for 60 days from the last day of class. After 60 days, the pieces will be donated. 


Improve your skills, find a video, and project ideas

Artist to Check Out

Get inspired by those around us!

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