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Common Questions

Where can I buy Clay?

  • You get one 25lbs bag free with the class. After that clay can be purchased at

  • Students are limited to the following clay bodies;

    • Bmix

    • Bmix with Grog

    • Speckled Bmix

    • Speckled Buff

How long are firings?

  • Bisque firings; A bisque firing takes on average around 10 hours. However, bisque firing can take more or less time depending on the size, age, type, and make of the kiln. It also depends on the firing schedule and how tightly packed the kiln is. Using a preheat also lengthens a bisque fire...Then an additional cool down for 10-12hrs

  • Glaze firings; temp will be 1830 to 1835 degrees F. Firing will take 7 ½ to 8 hours or longer depending on the size of the kiln and how full the load is.Then an additional cool down for 10-12hrs

  • Students are highly encouraged to come in and use the studio outside of class time to work on their practice and ensure this is a highly rewarding experience. Open studio hours are below.

  • Monday- Thursday: 10AM-6PM

  • Friday & Saturday: 10AM-9PM

  • Sunday 10AM-7:30PM

  • (Hours subjected to change upon five days' notice)

What are Open Studio Hours
and What are they 

  • Check in with your Intro teacher. We usually recommend taking intro 2-3 times with varying instructors. 

  • Next Steps and Intermediate students need to be able to center and pull an even walled cylinder,

Am I ready for Next-Steps
or Intermediate?

  • For the first firing on the bisque cart (not class shelf) 

  • For the second firing put it on the glaze cart (not class shelf)

Where do I put my work to be fired?

  • Apply online here and or reach out to Jessica ( for SoMa and Rigo ( for the Potrero studio.

  • Can you use the studio on your own and don't need staff guidance? If so you might be ready for membership. We recommend taking two to three classes before signing up for membership

How do I apply for membership and when am I ready?

  • If you come in and don't see your pieces on the class shelf, please remember that there is a 2-4 week turnaround time when the kilns get busy. If it's been a bit make sure to check the "No Name" and "Glaze Hospital" shelf to see if it may be on one of those (these shelves will also be cleared every three months).

I can't find my work?

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